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188 Responses to “Saints Row 3 Cheats”

  • they better make a zombie apocalypse cheat. give the game a scarier more fun activity when you don’t wat to do a mission. can’t wait

  • add a cheat for repect

  • a cheat for no damage on cars and other stuff

  • i cant lie all i need for cheats as far as saints row goes is unlimited ammo and guns cheats but i think it’d be neat if the car cheats spawned in front of you instead of in your garage but that just me

  • it would be cool to make more cool things to do to your car.And make the cars look real.Make the guns look real and every thing look real.

    reply me back if you think so.

  • i hope there is no cheats im tired of people joing my game on xbxo andit saying they are using cheats it like of course they are

  • when are they gonna make an activety pack just for fun.

  • they should make a cheat for flying cars.
    a cheat for customize every vehicle.(boats,planes,helicopters and pecial vehicle.
    a cheat for cars on water.
    a cheat for clothes customizations.
    a cheat for a derigable.
    have more then 3 gang members.
    have a jet pack.
    get in every vehicle.
    recrute any body.
    be any body you want.
    be able to go into every building you buy.
    have abs on your phone.
    have an internet cafe.
    have a portal to a different universe.
    be able to get a job to earn cash and respect.
    be able to shapeshift into every animal.
    upgrade weapons.(combine one weopon with another)

  • cheats for flying cars
    customize vehicle,cars,helicopters,boats,planes.
    cars on water
    cars can fly
    drive an submarine
    use a jet pack
    rob a restraunt
    recruit anyone
    being anyperson who you want
    teleport anywhere you want
    have an internet cafe
    portal to different universe
    earn alot of cash
    upgrade any gunn

  • there needs to be cheats because people might find something difficult without cheats noone will buy the game.

    if you dont like it dont buy it

  • Jump High
    Run Fast
    Become Invisible
    Cops Never Come After You
    Zombie Julius
    No Missons

  • i think youre all idiots exept zack cod cheat code guys

  • there should be a cheat like you can bring every body that was in the saints that died back to normal and be with you again

  • They better have cheats in saints row 3 there is not any reason why they should’nt have cheats it is really boring without cheats.If people think that we would not have cheats then they are idiots

  • which cheats they should have on saints row 3 jump high , be anybody, recruit anybody , let you choose what gang you want to be ,or let you make a gang with different colors and a different name , make the graphics look realer let you get a job for cash and respect, let you buy tickets to places like wwe , the movies , or a concert , let it be 2 players , let you kick out anyperson you want in the gang like pierce , if they do all off that then the game will sell like crazy

  • Well, your ideas are pretty cool man.

  • I want more kinds of clothes and gun customization (like in military games like cod or battlefield atc.) in next saints row and also DLC pack on ps3. Well, we are talkin’ here about cheats, those cheats in saints row 2 are good but i’m missing there cheats on more special vehicles and more cheats for “fun”, which are jatpack or some kinds of penetration wars like zombie mode, that can be cool. I hope, there will be really long and clever story full of fun staffs (p.s.: write comments).

  • keep the character customize but with up to 5 or more names to choose from so the person that your playing as has either a really funny weird or normal name

  • I dont need cheats at all it takes the fun out of everything I like things to be a challenge if they dont do cheats, im still going to buy and if they cheat on cheaters, a real gamer deal with it.

  • i no right i hate the races and some activites are sooo easy

  • Ok look im tired of the ppl who don’t like cheats, there just for fun so deal with it and your guys who are giving cheat ideas, most of them are stupid plus im pretty sure they have all ready came up with the cheats for saints row: the third.

  • it’s just as fun without cheats, cheats are just extra.

  • Cheats;
    all the same as last game plus
    they have to include 4 player online co-op
    flying cars and real cars with more customization options
    be able to put scopes and camos on guns
    and a bigger airport with more planes!!!!
    that would be the best game EVER!!!!!!!

  • be able to go in every building

    buy all houses for sale

    buy any houses

    have 1,000,000 dollars

    bigger garage

    more cars

    better cars fly any planes

    buy planes buy everything

    earn more money

    rod any thing (houses,stores,buildings,and more)

  • they sould have a cheat that will make you into a spuper hero and have powers and take over any house that you if you kill every on in side and you can take over stores

    and also have car from the past and presint

  • If we get cheats you could become famus and get fans to chase you and take photos of you that would be cooooooool

  • michaels idea is the best

  • There should DEFINITELY be a cheat that makes all civilians zombies. now THAT would be cool.

  • the game shold have up to 4 players and be able to go in to any biulding and be able to creat your own gang (new name,different collor)

  • I would like it if their would be children in saints row3 and that they can walk around and say crazy things,plus it would be cool if you can adopt a child and leave him or her at the cribe. They should have wild animals so that when they go after you you can shoot them.
    Bears, Lions, Elephants,Snakes,Big foot, Caveman, Cats, Dogs,Tigers.

  • there should be a cheat were you can go into any building and make it your crib and design it

  • i hope the never die cheat will be still in it an i hope it had the army in it that be sick

  • i think that only a few cheats like money and weapon cheats are important and you dont need any others and in the saints row the third i hope they keep some of them because it helps get you thruogh the game.never dying would help to.

  • SUPA POWAS Period

  • all of the people say they want to put like two cheats let the people that createat the game put there cheats

  • It would be cool if they make a online downloadable multiplayer pack for saints row the third later on since it dosen’t come with multiplayer right away. Do anyone else thinks thats a good idea too?

  • jack-0-lantern killer

    just have a box and type something in like say type in never die then you get never die

  • i hope in saints row the 3rd there cheats that make the game more fun even if you beat the game already like all people kill each other or some thing that makes the game last and cheats with lots of zombies beacuse keep the game fun even when you have done the story line and all the side missions and what not p.s longer story line more gangs a game that will last woooooo and that is what i think

  • All the old Saints Row 2 cheats plus a Respect Increaser cheat. and maybe the ablility to have the cars spawn in front of you.

  • please have a :
    jet pack
    cheat flying cars
    more guns
    have more place for zombie uprising
    you can dive under water
    have sharks that would eat you

  • make it better than saints row 2make more missions make more guns and mmore cheats

  • most of people say that saint row should have all these other things some i do agree but others you try to make the game something its not turn it to a whole other game i like the game the way it is i just wish u didnt have to earn the respect like come on the guys like well known by now,also i wish a that u could be gat that would be super cool but hey not even sure how many people look at these i wont someone from the game someone who made the game to take a look at some of these responses and just make some changes.You can never go wrong with makeing the game even better then it is come on.

  • Add Cheats for better guns im sick of useing the same guns

  • i hope that the next saints row game can have modded cheats that would be the sickest thing ever

    they should have a higher jump cheat like gta sanandreas

    they should have a skateboarding cheat

    better guns and aiming at people

  • ur all saying the same thing

  • This wat i think:
    never die
    looots of cool car cheats
    unlimited ammo and sprint and clip
    zombie mode
    keep child at ur crib
    make your own gang
    2 player
    no gravity
    just the rest of sr2 cheats


  • Plz plz have 2 player offline and 4 player online it will be awesome

  • I think you guys are going to far out the Box. They ain’t going to make it so that you can go in every building or that would over load the amount of space on the disk. The truth is i love this game series and hope they make more free roam games like this with cheats and hope they do do your ideas(hope they do make the ZOMBIE one). And i do think they should have a lot of easter eggs. so all you can do is hope for it to happen.

  • And you should not be able to change your gang colour because that defeats the purpose of the game series so get use to purple.

  • I have SR2 and i have all the cheats u can jump high and can have a jetpack and of course they would have cheats in SR2

  • They sould make saints row 3 real and all the cars i new your and evryting ! evrything good, inpress me ! inpress me so its better than gta 4 !!!!!

  • they shld remake saints row 2 & saints row 1 they shld put jet packs n every saints row 1 or 2 or 3 tht would b the tightest saints row

  • respect cheat or no respect needed

    A cheat for respect, it was hell to earn respect just to get to play through the story missions for christ sake

  • i think that it shoud have car floting on water and cheats for cars guns and fresh clothing and make youself invisible and havin jonny gat on thier and robbing stores and robbing banks and setting stuff on fire

    i think that saints row the third shoud have 4 players

    ithink thaT this have20 people online

    and acheat for to make people turn in to zombies

  • i agree with wayenymouse and i think u should get more planes

  • They should put a cheat so if you have a mic you say something for example: say you say whats up into the mic your character would say whats up


  • should have the same cheats as saints row 2 ****** cant wait for it and everyone that is on xbox and has a mic add me

    Nate JLH

  • just keep it simple:
    a jetpack
    some new real lookin cars
    new real lookin guns
    and all of saints row 2′s cheats

  • abc 123 get your but off of me

    a cheat that brings ZOMBIES in the world :)

  • I think they should have things like what reggie said.
    Ur charecter should say what you say.
    Nissan Skyline GTR-R35
    Honda Civic/Accord/S200
    Acura NSX
    Toyota Supra
    Mitsubishi Evolution 7 or 10
    Mazda RX-8
    Voxel (From saints row 2)

    Towing Truck
    Moving Van
    A truck to put your cars into if you want to ma=ove more than 1 car
    Ford F-150
    And many more (just dont wanna bore u to death LMAO

    And they should have a custom playlist to make a radio with songs from your PS3 Xbox or PC

  • should have some girlfriends that live in da crib and strip clubs where you can actualy get a lap dance and pets like pit bulls

    guy above forgot shelby gt 5000

    oh and a large 2 story mansion that stuck up crazy azz milionairs live in

    and i wanna kill dex

    also a better aiming system,combat moves and add army style CQC

    the game should have better character customization options so we can make him/her exactly how we want

    we should have respect cheats and money cheats for 10,000$ and should be able to fly off the coast of the city to a small private islands that we own that holds are mansion

  • and character pre-sets of rap stars like big boi and z-ro

  • i think that it should ask real car companies if they could use some of their cars in the game like a lambo or a corvette or ferarri. Also put in some cheats like no clip or infinite ammo infinite health and bottomless clip ( kevin is a retarded pyro)

  • they should make a cheat for all tuner cars or sports or farm cars on the roads lol or run super fast or even fly lol

  • saints row 3 should have the army. it will be cool if you can take there uniforms

  • i think it should have airplanes on water
    and u can dress up like a wrestler
    and a cheat 4 $1000000

    can play on game shows and win money and other stuff
    and u can have sex with any buddy and watch

  • Saints row 3 should be like saints row 2 cheats like never die,unlimited weapons.
    One more thing put rolls Royce cheat please


    1.A cheat for money of course.
    2.A cheats for getting the stag jet.
    3.A cheat for a limited bullets for all your guns.
    4.Maybe cheats for cars.
    5.A cheat for never die.
    6.A cheat for a tank.
    7.A cheat for clothes



  • Can you put a cheat to fix the car

  • it would be real cool if you could do everything fly a 747

    never die

    a jet pack

    and all other things

  • Can you put 500000000$ cheat please
    And again please choose my cheats ok
    It will be the best game ever!!!!!

  • No homies in the crib I bought myself without any of there help thats really annoying when I’ve tried so damn hard.

  • they should have cheats like the ones in saints row 2 plus customize weapons , jet pack , more people following you , god mode. not like give $500000000 that’s just retarded also they should include more cars , planes , helicopters and weapons and my opinion the game would be really good if the map was a bit bigger and more realistic.

  • I think that the give cash cheat should give you 100000 dollars not 1000 dollars

  • All I want are Incredibly stupid cheats
    rain sheep

    that’s what saints row 3 needs to make it more insane more stupid cheats, loved itty bitty and i am giant

  • thay should let you run the therd street saint and when you complete the story you can creat a gang and call it what you want and every cheat in the word like unlimitid health clip stanima car high jump lots of money lots of mods better guns harder gangs and more harder story line and a more intresting story line they should let you get pet girlfrends and get marrid and have gids to take you place on saint row 4 if they make one

  • cheats
    jet pack
    no cops
    all cars in garage
    be who you want
    milky bones again
    all the weapons
    cars on water
    flying cars we need cheats for fun

  • yeah no gang members in my crib,****** annoying lookin at strippers dance with like 34 other guys there.

  • saints row 2 cheats

    1 shot kill

  • Cheat codes are a must in all Saints Row games; it makes the games more entertaining and helps the player to overcome difficult missions.
    As to the cheats for flying cars, c’mon, this isn’t grand theft auto.
    On another note however, some of these gamers do have good ideas for cheats and and game play experience.
    I’m sure just all SR games it is rated M for mature, thus some level of maturity should be allowed in the game such as copulating and exfoliation.
    Speaking of which the characters should be able to activate property such as the TV, Radio, Mini Video games if any and also be able to use the house to it’s fullest potential such as relaxing on a chair sofa and bed as well as and taking showers, eating etc.
    Someone made mention about clothing and naming your own gang as well as choosing your own logo…well for that result why don’t they come up with their own game than?
    I love SR 1 SR2 and hopefully SR 3, the games have been well designed to fit the average gamer. At least if the aren’t going to be cheats in SR 3, then please let the characters have heavy body amour with effective weapons.
    Thank you.

  • I hope theyll make it to where you dont have to pause the game to put in cheats that annoys me and my friends on live.

  • more mottercycles custom gun that say saints on them jets smoke any kind of drugs

  • zombie mode
    invisible mode
    and the rest of sr2 cheats

  • it will be cool if there was aliens and zombies and mortars
    it will be cooler if you can order your guys and if you can
    take anybody,s clothes.

  • the ninja gummy bear

    all u need is a flying car nd get car unlimited ammo nd get guns cheats would also b sick if u could custumize every thing

  • it would be even cooler if there was a zombie cheat and a alien cheat and it would be more cooler if you can be a cop like saints row 2 but when they don’t shot at you because there is a secret to get the cop suit
    . when you join the police you can actual join the police.

    it would be cool if there where mortars like gears of war2

    it would be cool if there was 2 players

  • sr3 all i want is cheats from sw2 and new gunz

  • i hope all sr2 cheats r in sr3 and new cheats like 1000000 dollars,giving your character a name,new cars,getting a girl/BOY FRIEND and sex cheats

  • I love cheats but saints row 2 cheats they was dead so these are my idears:choose your name. Be any one you like. Custumiz diffrent parts of your body make own clothes and this game will not copy grand theft auto and will sell

    And have babys so sick and let grow up and after putect it from gangs and some times it could die and you could bring it back to life and when u die you can be your son or dourgter

  • In saints row the third i hope thay do put some of saints row 2 cheats in but i think they should have new ones to and if they make saints row 4 i hope someone thats works for them read what we are saying and take it to pitch it i think making or own gang is good or you can keep playing as the saints

  • hope the storyline is good and way more cheats cause im bored of raining pedestrians and all that









  • I would like to see infinite health and a 1,000,000 dollars aswell

  • and when u burn out on mortocycles alot alot alot alot of smoke should come out and all the guns in the world

    and get a girlfriend whenever u want

  • wow so we will achualy get the cheats we wanted to have

  • the girlfriend cheat would be cool but im so sick of the landing gear always down
    also to fly 747s or if you know planes have an sr-71 and/or be able to fly a concord at super speeds

  • don’t u think ur asking too much come on to make all of that it will take like 5 years

    it would be cool to make the island bigger and with more activities and shops

  • U should be able to get job more than 3 homies customize gun make or be any gang u want

  • 4 player co-op

  • Cheats:
    Never die
    Unlimited ammo
    Unlimited clip
    Make your self fly like super man without in a Car
    Zombie mode were everybody is zombie even you if you want
    Money cheat 10,000 dollars everytime you put in the cheat
    Shrink mode were you shrink very small
    Large mode were you grow very big

  • a cheat for dragon peat
    a cheat for dragon winge
    flying tank
    chat-zobie invashon

  • never die cheat and invisible

  • lots and lots of weaons like a super sword air stike caller more clothes funny close lots of cheats and you can buy lots of houses to buy

  • squid car catapult
    human launcher motorbike
    selfdestruct gun

  • there should be one for repect because i cant be bothered to run`12345678i9op[

  • They didn’t put a never die cheat on SR. 1, but to be honest, i didn’t need it.I just put my full health cheat on once a whlie but anyways, Let’s get back to the main.The cheats that i’d like would be a new infinite ( full )respect, giant cheat, small cheat, invincibility, a new invisible cheat, all the vehicles cheats, infinite ammo, unlimited clip, milk bones, all the guns cheats, basicly new cheats and old cheats.

  • hey im watching a show where they explain the game and they say theres going to be just as many cheats as gta san andreas

  • Can have pets or some type of animal have multiplayer not online

  • any car
    b the police
    unlimted drinks etc
    make it nite time
    b a pimp

  • how about when you type in a cheat it activates automatically and when you quit the game, cheats stay activated

  • xXxnogoodnamesleftxXx

    i think they should have cheats like in the last game but they should have somthin in the options menu where u can block people from using cheats and plus they need to stop that thing where if one person pauses the whole game pauses thats pretty stupid but i love saints row

  • i think there should be cheats yes but i would rether fly a plane ans snipe anyone cause saints row 3 is a new game i think we should enjoy it cause it becuse its a new world steelport

    i think saints row the third thats the name of the game is going to be well worth the 3 months you have its out in november

  • i think that there sould be a stripping club

  • Parkie, already was, jet packs are dumb, teleportings dumb, the rock, are you even playing the game for the game, or virtual girls? Most of these ideas are retarded

  • fly
    go into bulidings
    customize anything/everything
    buy your own stuff like:planes,cars,boats,submarine,skatebords and lots more
    flying boats

  • you need to add a car that you can drive onto to water and turn it to a boat then drive onto land and turn back into a car. like one of those duck boat/cars but better looking like a rolls royce

  • Can you put a cheat for super punch

  • just put in alot of sexy clothes for us female characters!!!!

  • right i want these cheats and please make it happen 1 invinsabilaty 2 infinate life weapon amo and vehicle damage 3 a hover bike and a weapon that you shoot out a rocket missile with a mini camera on it so you can control it with a mini remote once it crashes you shoot another one

  • Have the same cheats from saints row2 plus other cheats

  • Zombie cheat
    jet pack for sure
    better and more nice clothes
    never die
    as many players with co-op
    gun cheats all of em
    car cheats
    plane cheats
    better crib choices
    get way more money
    get a girlfriend or boyfriend
    and get a family
    better details (think they got that covered just by the trailer)

  • dumbass ideas. just make it like. change the gang name, n color to red n call them bloods

  • thay should make a cheat for a jet pack and a hover craft wat gows on dry land

  • make ur own combat style
    sticky grenades
    real cars
    visual damage such as cuts and bruises
    real graphics better driving

  • I agree with saints mafia,saints row does need better graphics

  • ok the guy that thinks thare should have no missions is stupid

  • Can you put kids in the game so we can kick there ass take there balloons candies every thing steel the kids and make people fight with you when u hit them your gang helps u in fighting that’s gonna be cool
    Thanks… :)

    Almost forgot canyou put a disco and dance and we choose the dance stile we want

  • first we should have more fighter jets.
    they should make it co.op.
    and more alien ships.
    and finaly they should make a cheat to make drive on water

  • Can we choose the fighting stiyle in the game

  • they should make a hydraulics cheat

  • all weapons
    god power
    pick up cars
    1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 pounds cheat
    unlimated powers/ water fire electrick
    unlimated air strickes
    special jet at garage
    they make the game awsome put every ones cheats request on it will make it 10 times better than it is

  • Can u make us pimp our cars

  • I better get a damb hoverboard and jetpack

  • there should have a zombie mode cheat
    it should have a skateboard cheat you can turn in to people
    and a horse cheat so you can ride it
    and a cheat for everything i supose

  • you should add 2011 cars like the camaro and the challenger on DLC

  • I think you guys are going to far out the Box. They ain’t going to make it so that you can go in every building or that would over load the amount of space on the disk. The truth is i love this game series and hope they make more free roam games like this with cheats and hope they do do your ideas(hope they do make the ZOMBIE one). And i do think they should have a lot of easter eggs. so all you can do is hope for it to happen.

  • And you should not be able to change your gang colour because that defeats the purpose of the game series so get use to purple

  • Look guys there will be more cars and planes but the things you want wont happen because its going to be released in december

  • add a ulimeited money and slow mo and have ure own job like resurant and stufff more coller weapons

  • ahhhhhhhh so f***in excited for the game got $100 platinum edition love the ideas keep em comin but some are a little retarded

  • Some of the things I’m very excited for are the new gangs Deckers,Morning stars,luchadors all these gangs are part of one big big big gang called the syndicate.the first mission the saints are robbing a bank,unfortunatly the bank belongs to the syndicate.the syndicate captures the saints and tell them to join there gang (syndicate) or they will kill them.The saints dont like that so they break out of the syndicates jet and land in steelport.

    I know some new cars in the game are Torch,Plummer and the genki mobile.The genki car isnt just some car in the game just to save your asses of being mad when you dont get it,you must pre order saints row 3 to get the gengi stuff its not just something you get on the game.Just to save you,sooooo some of the cheats that i want to see are 10 followers,saints vehicles,unlimited money,zombie Johnny gat,never die and infinite sprint.i also hope that you can buy the saints flow energy drink and it will allow you to go fast for a cirtan amount of time

  • i know that food and drugs arnt in the game so i know that food wont be a cheat vieacle jobs are gone to such as taxi ambulance.some cheats i want to see are

    flying car
    super low gravity
    sex apeal slider 10000 percent
    look like one of the deckers
    look like one of the morning stars
    look like one of the luchadors
    oh and when you have to make the choice apoca fist or luchadors mask,take the mask then find a cheat for apoca fists.
    saint cars

  • Add a mtt y2k motor cycle and a trex motorcycle

    Oh and the back to the future car


    i agree with fearsome man3 for zombie cheats, also don’t
    forget (THE NEVER DIE)cheat.low gravity should be added
    too because it’s fun floating/gliding around for a short
    amoumt of time like your on the moon. make anime clothes
    like naruto,bleach,andfullmeatal alchimistbrotherhood.
    and for awsome clothing and game what pepole like make
    call of duty modern warfare 2,modern warfare 3,and
    call of duty black op SOG outfits,urban black
    op.and other cool outfits from online multiplayer black op

    also make easter eggs and walkthroughs that is all.

  • you people need to shut stop trying to make it like sanadress its f#%&ing saints rows god d@%

  • i think they should have a never die cheat again because now this saints row has good qulity it will look better there has to be cheats

  • Can flipping wait sweet!!!

    I feel as doe I’m feelin the pain of not having day game yet

  • what woud be the best would be being able to be hardcore charecters like on sr2 pc player ability mods u get to be johny gat, junychi, akuji, pierce and shaundi and so on!!!!!

    especially gat in my opinion cause hes sick especially how he looks in sr3 you know cooler shades shaved hair.

    i also think they should keep the same cheats as sr2 along with the ones i just said.

    who agrees that some of the side missions are crap

  • they should have a cheat for money im just sayin the cheat should add 100,000 dollars

  • Guys they should police Lamborghini mustang corvtt ferrarie and all cool cars they should have all of the cheats u guys said

  • well in saint rows three there should be no chets cus it just make me want to use them wen i dont need to duuhh

  • never die
    infinite sprint

  • They so u can have a girlfriend

  • this game is mega sick even though i havent played it

  • they should make the background destructible and let u see ppl building it back that would be beast

  • Few Cheats :

    mascot = pedestrians are mascots
    brains = pedestrians are zombies
    hohoho = pedestrians are pimps/hookers
    goldengun = one shoot kill

  • add a cheat for a boeing 747 plane which we can fly

  • ithink it would be cool if you could run super fast and get a ceat for giant fist and a cheat for a vtoll

  • all of you guys wannt a jetpack i think it would be cool if you could just jump up and fly

  • cheats saints row the third

    Result Code
    $100,000 cheese
    One-hit kills goldengun
    Spawn flying bike givespecter
    Spawn F69 Vtol givevtol
    Spawn Saints’ helicopter givevulture
    Spawn Vortex givevortex
    Spawn air strike giveairstrike
    Spawn Apocafists giveapoca
    Spawn As3 Ultimax giveultimax
    Spawn chainsaw givechainsaw
    Spawn Cyberdestructor givecyber
    Spawn drone givedrone
    Spawn grenade givegrenade
    Spawn Hammer givehammer
    Spawn K-8 Krukov givekrukov
    Spawn Kobra Ka-1 givekobra
    Spawn minigun giveminigun
    Spawn Molotov givemolotov
    Spawn ROG giverpg
    Spawn Satchel givesatchel
    Spawn Tek Z-10 givetek
    Pedestrians are mascots mascot
    Pedestrians are pimps and prostitues hohoho
    Pedestrians are zombies brains

  • they should have a never die cheat & a cheat that cops won’t mess with you!!

  • They need unlimited ammo,heath,and sprint

    They need a cheat for all the guns!

  • i alredy have it is fun but ther are chaets but none yet

  • i think that they should have cheats like monster trucks,mini scrambles,and buggati veyrons

  • cheats that are infinite

    or the infinite health cheat

  • a cheat to get a girlfreind

  • i hav the game completed it jonhy gat dies ur againts stag

  • You know what micheal and tobi said they would do that and tyler and steven,saint Mafia, veronica, please follow it,Jake,Jake,saint row,mj said they should do that too

    And. They should add ever thing Catwoman suit And batman And robin, batwoman, joker,joker girl suits

  • well people who don’t like cheats probably have all of them and got bored with them and bragging and telling people there useless like they are.

    and ps this is my account

  • The game is sooo good and the cheats are fine but there should be more of them

  • i think as long as the game is better than the first and second it would be cool but still have cheats and you could turn into anything

    i think you could just beable to tipe in something like be supr mn and it would turn into supr mn

  • i love saints row2 is awesome but saints row the third is super awesome and yes im a 11 year old girl

  • i think that the cars should just spone in front of you like in gta


  • 4 josh go 2 phone go 2 extras and enter whatitmeanstome push it like 20 times

  • here is all the cheats in the game

    •Add Gang Notoriety : lolz
    •Add Police Notoriety : pissofpigs
    •Bloody Mess : notrated
    •Clear Skies : clearskies
    •Drunk Pedestrians : dui
    •Give 45 Sheperd : givesheperd
    •Give Apocafist : giveapoca
    •Give AR 55 : givear55
    •Give AS3 Ultimax : giveultimax
    •Give Baseball Bat : givebaseball
    •Give Cash : cheese
    •Give Chainsaw : givechainsaw
    •Give Cyber Blaster : givecybersmg
    •Give Cyber Buster : givecyber
    •Give D4TH Blossom : giveblossom
    •Give Electric Grenade : giveelectric
    •Give Flamethrower : giveflamethrower
    •Give Flash Bang : giveflashbang
    •Give Grave Digger : givedigger
    •Give Grenade : givegrenade
    •Give K-8 Krukov : givekrukov
    •Give KA-1 Kobra : givekobra
    •Give M2 Grenade Launcher : givelauncher
    •Give McManus 2015 : givesniper
    •Give Mini Gun : giveminigun
    •Give Molotov : givemolotov
    •Give Nocturne : givesword
    •Give RC Possesor : givecgun
    •Give Reaper Drone : givedrone
    •Give Respect : whatitmeanstome
    •Give Riot Shield : giveshield
    •Give RPG Launcher : giverpg
    •Give S3X Hammer : givehammer
    •Give SA-3 Airstrike : giveairstrike
    •Give Satchel Charges : givesatchel
    •Give Shock Hammer : giverocket
    •Give Sonic Boom : givesonic
    •Give Stun Gun : givestungun
    •Give TEK Z-10 : givetek
    •Give The Penetrator : givedildo
    •Give Viper Lazer Rifle : giveslm8
    •Golden Gun : goldengun
    •Heavenbound : fryhole
    •Heavy Rain : heavyrain
    •Ifinite Sprint : runfast
    •Light Rain : lightrain
    •Mascots : mascot
    •No Cop Notoriety : goody goody
    •No Gang Notoriety : oops
    •Overcast : overcast
    •Pimps and Hos : hohoho
    •Spawn Challenger : givechallenger
    •Spawn Condor : givecondor
    •Spawn Estrada : giveestrada
    •Spawn Gat Mobile : givegatmobile
    •Spawn Knoxville : giveknoxville
    •Spawn municipal : givemunicipal
    •Spawn Nforcer : givenforcer
    •Spawn pheonix : givepheonix
    •Spawn Reaper : givereaper
    •Spawn Spectre : givespectre
    •Spawn squasar : givesquasar
    •Spawn Status Quo : givestatusquo
    •Spawn Taxi : givetaxi
    •Spawn Toad : givetoad
    •Spawn VTOL : givevtol
    •Spawns Ambulance : giveembulance
    •Spawns Anchor : giveanchor
    •Spawns Attrazione : giveattrazione
    •Spawns Bootlegger : givebootlegger
    •Spawns Challenger : givechallenger
    •Spawns Commander : givecommander
    •Spawns Condor : givecondor
    •Spawns Eagle : giveeagle
    •Spawns Estrada : giveestrada
    •Spawns Gatmobile : givegatmobile
    •Spawns Kanada : givekanada
    •Spawns Kenshin : givekenshin
    •Spawns Knoxville : giveknoxville
    •Spawns Korbra : givekobra
    •Spawns krukov : givekrukov
    •Spawns Miami : givemiami
    •Spawns Nforcer : givenforcer
    •Spawns Peacemaker : givepeacemaker
    •Spawns reaper : givereaper
    •Spawns Repaircar : repaircar
    •Spawns RPG : giverpg
    •Spawns Sandstorm : givesandstorm
    •Spawns satchel charge : givesatchel
    •Spawns Shark : giveshark
    •Spawns Sheperd : givesheperd
    •Spawns Spectre : givespectre
    •Spawns Status Quo : givestatusquo
    •Spawns Titan : givetitan
    •Spawns Toad : givetoad
    •Spawns tornado : givetornado
    •Spawns vortex : givevortex
    •Spawns VTOL : givevtol
    •Spawns Vulture : givevulture
    •Spawns Widowmaker : givewidowmaker
    •Spawns Woodpecker : givewoodpecker
    •Vehicles No Damage : vroom
    •Vehicles Smash : isquishyou
    Weapons : letsrock
    Zombies : brains.

  • they are NOT all the god damn cheats.
    because you haven’t got never die and unlimited ammo tell me anyone i NEEEEEEED to know them 2 cheats

  • they dont have enough cheats

  • Add respect:whatmeanstome

  • you or your friend can put their car in your car or put my car in their garage thats what i mean

  • yo thanks for the kick ass cheats

  • Well i feel all you guys are stupid idiots saints row does not need cheats, its not like you guys are really doing anything else you might as well get the acheivments and by level 50 you got unlimited ammo and really cant die either exept if people punch you or hit uyou with their melee weapons! is in no way affiliated with the Saints Row game series or its developers. | Privacy Policy